• Everyone does this in their signature, but my list is far too expansive to actually fit into my signature, no matter how I tried to format it. I'll update it as things change, if I can ever remember. Before you ask, yes, this is pointless because nobody will care but me. Okay. Oldest to newest, let's go.

    Sega Saturn - Modchipped
    PS1 - Serial port cheat device (import/backup enabler, too)
    Sega Dreamcast - Black VMU. It's pretty.
    Original Xbox - 1.2, TSOP'd with EvoX and 200 GB hard drive
    Original Xbox - 1.1, TSOP'd with UnleashX and 120 GB hard drive (Selling this to a friend)
    PS2 - Slim, FMCB in slot-1
    Xbox 360 - Phat, Jasper, 120 GB hard drive, RGH 1.2, FSD 3
    Wii - Blue, no GC ports, 4.3u, HBC + RiiConnect24
    Wii - White, GC ports, 4.3u, HBC + RiiConnect24
    Wii - Red, GC ports, 4.3u, stock
    PS3 - Slim, 4.86, HEN, 120 GB HDD
    Xbox One - Blue, Forza 5 edition.
    Switch - Unpatched, newest OFW.

    GBA SP - AGS-001, red, Supercard SD
    DS Phat - Blue, R4i 3DS + 16GB mSD
    DS Lite - Zelda edition, stock (many issues)
    PSP 3001 - Black, 6.61, PRO-C CFW + Infinity 2.0, 16 GB mSD
    o3DS - Red/Black gradient, 11.13.0, LumaCFW + 32GB SD

    Welp. There we go. I haven't modded the red Wii because it was a big part of my youth (Visits to the Aunt's house meant using her red Wii, which I was later gifted, and it's been kept stock for nostalgia reasons), and that DS Lite was part of my youth around the same time, but it's just about fallen apart. L and R buttons don't work, dead pixels on the top screen, D-Pad's kinda janky, and of course, wobbly hinge. I might sell it to someone who wants to fix it up..

    Oh, an addendum. I don't consider the Switch a handheld console because being played on an external display is a primary part of its intended function. It is technically a portable console, but not a 'handheld' by nature in my opinion, regardless of the fact that you can hold it in your hands. You can hold a lot of things in your hands. Before you argue that the PSP is a home console by that nature because you can connect it to a TV, that's not a primary piece of its function. It's just an optional accessory.

    Second addendum. Before you ask how the hell I got all this stuff.. I worked at a local video game store for 5 years, and had a big in with the manager. Lots of employee discounts and lots of saving, lol.


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