• (I know this is gonna be repetitive, but my mind, thanks to my job being easier than sin itself, tends to drift to a lot of the things I'd rather be doing than working at my job, only earning money to save up and maybe spend on this or that in a way that isn't exciting or leading to a change in my life that'd definitively be for the better)

    A part of me wants to live closer to my job, but then I would have to provide everything by myself, and for myself. Also, would like to move out of Illinois in general.

    A part of me wants to sell off all of the extra stuff I have, but is afraid of losing something that could bring joy or be useful later.

    A part of me wants to ask that girl out, but is afraid of taking risks in this unusual day and age.

    A part of me wants to work on this hobby project that I came up with of putting a PC inside a console just because, but then it'd be wasted money on a project that would look cool on PCPartPicker for a day or two, if it got any attention at all in the first place.

    A part of me wanted to take my two HORI RAP4 Kais and put it in an enclosure with a CRT or some sort of display for an arcade machine as an attraction for people when they come over, but, you know, COVID and the lockdowns.

    A part of me thinks I shouldn't post this crappy blog post that starts the same with every godforsaken statement, knows that I should probably lay down, and go to sleep for the night, but still wants to post this in hopes of maybe someone on here offering input based on all of these conflicting desires and thoughts I don't want to stay trapped in my mind.


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