• My brother just died today in a fatal car accident on his way to work. It's suspected that he had a seizure, and floored the gas pedal. He ended up taking out a power pole with just his Acura Integra. My family is suffering this great loss very unexpectedly. He left behind a wife, and a 13 year old daughter. Him and his wife just got married last July, and she's already a widow in less than a year. Absolutely tragic. I went out to see them all today after the devastating phone call from our mother. Andrew didn't even get to see his 35th birthday. He loved working on cars, playing guitar, building arcade cabinets, playing with his dog and daughter, tinkering with computers, and even enjoyed flying in my stepdad's small plane. Andrew is my only sibling, and so our little world just got a whole lot smaller. Rest in peace, little brother.

    News Article: https://www.koin.com/news/crashes/fatal-crash-shuts-down-highway-47-near-buxton-area/

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