Zaertix So I decided after ordering my new computer parts (Case CPU Mobo) that I'd need a Wii just because it's the one game system I don't own.

Found one on Ebay that says the DVD drive doesn't work, luckily that's an EASY fix. Been repairing my 12 360s slowly but surely and selling them off to people. Just had a good year in general.

Basically I'm saying Hi I'm now a Wii owner, and I'll be streaming Wii content with my Hauppauge. (kinda like I've been doing with my 360 shit)

Next year will be the year of audio mixer (to put live audio with the stream without the use of mixlr) and hopefully a production mic to make reviews a little easier.

Currently I'm sitting here waiting til December the 2nd through the 9th to get here (most likely gonna be the 2nd) for all my new shiny toys (and one slightly used one) to be here so I can get to setting up and reviewing.

Oh and I'll be moving rooms into a larger, cooler room. Yay for temps to go down across the board.

Yay for random ramblings. Tacos.

Oh and I forgot to add..
Just preordered Mario Kart 3DS



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