• I've come a long way in 2019 when it comes to art, specifically object art. Here's my best works!
    kritasucky.png Krita-Sucksy: Made after one of my Reddit memes landed me my very first award.

    N3.png Noki 3310: A play on the Nokia 3310, one of my flagship characters.

    RE4.png Resi 4: A play on the GameCube port of Resident Evil 4.
    seesaw.png Seesaw: My favorite persona, aside from "blappy/ham (insert something)". Most everything posted here is from Seesaw's POV, including this blog's description!
    Distro Ditty.png

    Distro Ditty: A concept object show where the contestants are all Linux distros, though I forgot to add some distros, like Linux Mint, KDE Neon, etc.
    poisnt.png (Need Light Mode to see) Poisn't: Made for the official Sandbox (1) discord server.
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