Silent_Gunner As in, it makes you have to go to the bathroom a for a few hours. I was celebrating my birthday from yesterday (where I had to work because fuck retail (I'm about to find another job at this point, where I can then tell you the name of the place, but it's in about every city in the US and several countries, if that's helpful ;) )) today, and since I'm not a morning person at all, I had to get ready within an hour to go to a restaurant to celebrate it with some members of my family. Because I only had, like, 5 hours of sleep, and the restaurant served Pepsi products, I asked them to order Mountain Dew since I was gonna be late. Well, I get there, and not only did they order a glass of Mountain Dew, but also a refill glass that refilled the main glass 3-4 times. I really have had to use the bathroom on and off for the past few hours ever since, and I feel like I used an item in an RPG where it keeps you going, but you have to leave the party every now and then in the middle of battle to go and "take care of business" or something, you know!? XD

I mean, I love the drink itself. It's easily one of the more refreshing drinks that I've had. I just wish that there was a healthier alternative that tasted just as good, but didn't flood my body with the amount of sugar and caffeine that it does, in addition to having to make so many frequent trips to the bathroom that, shock of all shocks, when my body starts warning me that I got to go, I don't have time to put my Joy-Cons in my Switch and take the entire carrying case with it into said bathroom!

I should have just went with this:

And now I have to go again...


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