Morning Practice

JuanMena By JuanMena, Sep 26, 2020 4 0

  • Portrait_0005-2.jpg
    I accidentally made a brush that blends-in when little pressure is applied to the stylus, and paints when you press harder.
    Then, I thought about making some more and here's a small test.

    I spent some hours trying to paint something with some old custom brushes.
    They were unnefective and nearly impossible to paint with.
    So, I took some time finding decent ones (3 at most out of 36) and I just "perfectioned" what was already there.
    Then I updated a whole new brush set for "Oil" painting.

    Video speed up at 3X
    (just sayint that it's effective blending tones on the go and I will sample less transparent values)​
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