Morning Practice

JuanMena By JuanMena, Sep 25, 2020 0 0

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    This looks awful LOL

    I'm kinda liking it to draw without zooming in.
    It's actually quite awful, because as Alberto León once told me (in 2012)
    "Paint and draw from a far away distance, and you'll notice your mistakes when you get close enough"
    He is so right about that!
    The thing is that, I'm trying to disconnect my stupid brain from this digital painting approach, and I'm trying to paint in a more traditional way.
    Turns out that I've been wanting to make a painting with real oils (that I bought since 2012 but never used it for fear of wasting the product)
    So, this is kind of a new training for me.

    I've never been a huge fan of using layers to paint simple stuff (unless comic drawing/something fancy that requires future edition) so I'm still doing these without zooming at all, getting used to solve problems more like a traditional painter would do, Instead of erasing my mistakes (if any) I paint over them (if any)
    Realistically speaking, I don't have a lot of oil paints to paint over my mistakes.
    Also, I don't have lots of canvases (at most 4 A4 cotton canvases + 6 or 5 I did with cardboard and homemade gesso)
    So... I'm still unsure how I'm going to tackle my apparently non-exsitent confidence with real oils as I don't want to waste my paint.
    The Oil paints and brushes I got aren't that expensive... but it'd be a pain seeing all my paint wasted on something that won't make me happy.

    Alberto León also told me:
    "Always try to paint and draw big, because you'll notice your mistakes faster"
    "Practice more hands Juan"
    "Leave the girls alone"

    On a side note... I hope he and Aimée are well nowadays.
    Personal note: Aimée, I miss you.


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