• BFB is the 4th season of probably the greatest animated YouTube show. And it (not so) recently was brought to light by the creator's channel, JacknJellify, that there's an official music channel for nearly all of the music featured in BFB; Yoylecake Micheal. It spans from the YouTube channel to a SoundCloud Account. I will definitely say that SoundCloud is the goto place for pre-BFB music, and the YouTube channel is for BFB music. So, time to review most of the songs featured, starting with the SoundCloud side.

    SoundCloud - YOYLECAKE / Shrill Otter / Sippie Jepper

    Famous 600K - It's a take on Famous by Archie, but dubbed by scenes from BFB. Cover featured Four, the host of BFB, except he looks, um... 8/10
    Breakup Simulator Lite - The cover shows that somebody's save file has been deleted. A great song for people who want to feel angry. 9/10
    Even After - Feels adventurous. It also shows that the SoundCloud account used to be called Shrill Otter. Impressive as it also may be a dub of this line. 8/10
    Evolekaf - Neat cover art; don't like how it's just Fake Love backwards. First ~10 seconds are miserable. 3/10
    Infetterance - At the time, the account was called Sippie Jepper. what. The cover art is phenomenal, the song itself oddly gives the vibe that it's as if somebody combined a good Sonic song, the theme for Mushroom Bridge over on Mario Kart Double Dash, and some others. 10/10
    Gamla - Meh cover art. Makes for good elevator music if it included something impressive. Other 3/4 of the song is kinda relaxing but gets your blood pumping. 9/10
    Chapter Complete - Yep, the cover art is also phenomenal, and the song itself is good for montages or time-lapses. 8/10
    Branchless - Great elevator music, very chill. Cover art is kinda bland. 9/10
    Season Coming to an End - Super optimistic song, good cover art. 8/10
    Blackcomb - I mean, this is the song where Pillow literally died in BFB 1. Silver Lining vibes. Great cover art. 9/10
    Hit It - Another great time-lapse/montages song. Gets weird past the 1/2 mark. Meh cover art. 7/10
    Trants - Inspirational, fast-paced song. The cover art is a tree with pants, which is a given. 6/10
    The Show - It might become an intro for an overly depressing TV show. Great cover art. 8/10
    Here Demo - Happy synth-fest. Cover art is meh. 7/10
    Flop - Gives off fun, messing-around vibes. Cover art is Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 gameplay. 9/10
    Mov - Confrontation vibes, bad ending. Cool cover art. 10/10
    Aw, it's great to be alive - A depressing yet optimistic song completely dubbed by this line. Cover art is a BFDI screenshot, which is interesting. 9/10
    How a future house bass is made - Mass destruction vibes, and then it turns into a washing machine. Bad cover art. 5/10
    Lade - Uplifting vibes, bad cover art. 6/10
    Cool Mote - Put a video of Top Gear Rally with the Rainbow Colored Track cheat on and you have yourself the calmest video ever. Minecraft vibes. Outstanding cover art. 11/10
    Night Mote - Depressing vibes. More great cover art. 10/10
    Nice Mote - A candidate for the Petscop OST. Actually scary, and has a VHS-y effect that feels like an extension of the Sad Mac theme. 5/10
    Is it a really a Work in Progress if no progress is happening? - A very uplifting song, if it was actually finished. Good cover art. 8/10
    Streetlight - The most optimistic song ever. Great cover art. Grand adventure vibes. 11/10
    Hush - Sad yet optimistic. The perfect "Game Over" music. Meh cover art. 10/10
    Septagon - Super happy music. Maybe too happy. Kinda describes Sonic CD. Good cover art. 9/10
    Widge - The cover art is also the profile picture. A perfect representation of BFB. 8/10

    YouTube - Yoylecake Micheal

    no music already featured in the SoundCloud. chorkey, 2012, sweeper, and coins don't have cover art.

    chorkey - Perfect victory music. No cover art. Feels overused, don't know why. 7/10
    2012 - A better version of Sand Zone from Cave Story. No cover art. Feels like things are gonna get done. 7/10
    sweeper - The song to play when something is really going wrong. No cover art. Desperation vibes. 10/10
    coins - Hard-at-work vibes. No cover art. Great. 8/10
    consy - The greatest song ever for people who are assertive or are moderately miffed. Dubbed by a plastic cup from IKEA, as the cover art shows. 9/10
    music of four's 3D hand - Yep, it's just the full version of the BFB intro. Cover art is a neat little GIF from "X Finds Out his Value". 8/10
    shirtsong - The often-used object show intro. Cover art doesn't have much going on. 6/10

    Overall, the songs were amazing. How it's not more popular is beyond me. It's just great.


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