chavosaur This is just to share some personal experiences with the Medicine, Acutane, A.K.A - Isotretinoin.

To put this in retrospect, I have a severe case of Acne. I have papules, pustules, cysts, the whole works, and IT SUCKS.
I have used many ways, shapes, and forms of acne medicine such as Proactiv, Skin ID, Home remedies, etc. But nothing has been very effective against my powerful case.

Then I finally decided to go to the extreme, and go on the strongest medication I could.
Now to give a brief overview, Acutane is just a pill that you take once a day, for a Five month treatment period. No creams or upkeep really needed. Or so you think.
See, Acutane likes to hide some pretty big side effects. To list the ones right off the box (and you can look them up if you don't believe me)
.Severe depression
.Blurred vision
.Yellowing of skin
.Sever stomach pain
.Rectal bleeding
.Bone or Muscle pain
.Vision changes
.persistent fever
.Suicidal thoughts
And its even worse for women, who have to submit to a pregnancy test every treatment (even if they are not sexually active) And have to have tons of blood work down to make sure it does not effect their fertility.

Now most of you are like "Holy crap, I am not taking this stuff EVER! But so far, in my two months of treatment, I have only felt some loss of energy, and severe dry skin.
And I mean severe. My lips are chapped to hell and rip like every 20 minutes, and my skin peels in random places. Hence where the creams come into play, as I am constantly needing various lotions and skin balms to make sure I dont turn into a human Lizard.

Now I may seem like I am bad mouthing acutane, but I must say, it has been working some wonders on my Acne. I used to have many black heads and pustules on my back, and in only one month of treatment, every ounce of acne on my back has vanished. And it is now beginning to work on my face, which is a huge Plus to me. It has even begun working to fix the scars on my face. I feel more confident every day in knowing that I wont have to deal with my face being Pizza all the time.

I hope to be completely acne free soon, and I am completely confident that this is the medicine to do it. For those of you that have a severe acne case like I do, this is the medicine for you.


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