Mario Party

jgu1994 By jgu1994, Feb 27, 2010 2 0

  • So I just finished a 50 turn mario party run with 2 other friends (one left before we could start) on the eternal star map and I had a blast. It was a pretty close game between one friend, myself, and the cpu (the other ended the game with 1 star and like 4 coins). It was 5 turns left and we were two stars behind mario so every move we made we talked it over on the best route. We work and we get pretty close and we're at one turn left and my friend goes (last btw). He hits a high number, 9 i think. In eternal star, when buying a star you end up betting money. You roll the dice and either get 8 9 or 10 and then bowser kid rolls a dice. If he getsa number higher than you he takes a star. As the game progresses the chance is more likely. So what happens? My friend its an 8 and bowser kid hits a 9. Bonus stars are awarded and the game ends with mario cpu beating out my friend by one star. One star. We were so close. Three great hours just to lose to mario.
    Fuck you mario.


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