Zaertix Except Devin and now Satangel... I have a review site. A poor one, but a review site none the less. It's still a WIP but it's live and it's waiting for YOU!

Here's what I'm HOPING will happen..

You see that thing called the Steam Summer Sale? Yeah we all know about it. We're all talking about it and buying new games we've never played...

So here's my question.. Ever wanted to review something but always felt shy or whatever about posting it here or on your favorite site or application (Raptr?)

Well fear no more.. (well kind of)

I need reviewers. I don't care if it's your first, third, one-millionth review... I need YOU! I've done my best to try to set a tone (I know some of the reviews on there are terrible, don't goad me about it I know they are there...) but I can't maintain it all on my lonesome, I've tried and failed.. There's too much going on in the gaming world for ONE person to blog about it all and review it all.

That's where you come in... If you wish to help out, either comment here, or PM me.

What I need from you in an email to IF you wish to help:

Your GBAtemp username
an excerpt or full review from some game/hardware you enjoy.
And if you'd be willing to post news/reviews on a timely basis or just moonlight here or there.

For now, I can't really guarantee much other than my eternal gratitude, but once I get some major content up or some sort of flow of content, there WILL be stipulations and rewards to reviewing for VGReviewUnit.

Please let me know if you're interested!

*you can use for sending me your review if you wish*



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