• So I'm sure none of you were wondering, but here's how I got into emulation. A story of your favorite cat, going from an incompitent fool, to a compooter nerd.
    The beginning:
    I grew up with a Wii and a DS Lite.
    One day when I was a younger and more annoying person, I was arguing with my dad (A very nostalgia-loving kitty) about which version of SM64 controlled better. (I thought the DS version was better, he thought the original was better. Keep in mind that this was back when I was still a stupid kid.)
    At that point, I hadn't ever played the original version. So he had me try it on the Wii's Virtual Console. That didn't work out, because his classic controller had drifting worse than some switch controllers after like 20 years. I mean, just selecting the game file was a huge challenge. So I searched online for a different way to play it, and saw some guide saying how to play SM64 on PC. So I got a potato laptop some time later (The CPU was less than 2 GHZ). And then the weirdest thing happened. A copy of SM64 just magically appeared on my laptop. Crazy, am I right?
    So then I got Project 64. I followed the guide in setting it up, and after awhile it worked! That guide also led to the discovery of the ROM hack Super Mario Star Road. It took me an extremely long time to get this working. Mostly because no guides specify that you're supposed to change certain settings for ROM hacks.
    But I figured it out eventually! I also stumbled upon some SM64 speedruns. And I gained a huge interest in speedrunning.
    Then there was just one last problem. I didn't have a controller. But I managed to get my hands on one a few months later because I wasn't willing to use a keyboard at the time.
    This was all because of a little disagreement between a stupid kid, and a guy who had actually played both versions.
    Not sure if I need to say, but I loved the original version so much better that I pretty much right away looked at the DS port as the inferior version (Controls wise)
    And after Star Road, I started finding a whole bunch of ROM hacks (Which didn't exactly used to be what they are now). And I played SM64 every single day for such a long time. I learned all of the hardest speedrun tricks, and I was still so young. (I can't do most of them anymore for some reason-)
    ...And then a whole mess of consoles:
    So after quite some time later, I was living with a Wii U, a 3DS, and still my Wii (But I never used it because the Wii U upscaled Wii games). The switch was coming soon, and I didn't realize how much I loved my Wii U at the time, so I sold it to be able to afford the upcoming Nintendo Switch. I regretted it, but I mean Breath of the Wild was cool. Then I didn't care about my switch again until Mario Odyssey came out. (I still played SM64 pretty much daily). But one day, I found a Wii U emulator: Cemu. At the time, it was on version 1.11.0, and I was amazed by the thought of having Super Mario 3D World and Breath of the Wild on my laptop. And I thought, "Well SM64 runs at full speed. Shouldn't Wii U games run pretty decent?" (Spoiler: ...No. Just no.) I still had my old lapto0p at the time. And guess what? After some time and many issues, I set up Breath of the Wild and launched it. It was just a wee bit slow. In fact, I had checked my clock at the end of the intro cutscene, Link was standing in the chamber, and it had only been a total of two hours! Isn't that just amazing? :3c
    I also discovered this website called GBAtemp. Ever heard of it? I kept making threads and asking questions that were more noob-ish than you could imagine.
    A little later, I found out about a brand new~ish emulator called Citra. Long story short, performance was downright terrible as well. But at this point I was just kind of humiliated that my laptop couldn't emulate the 3DS. Mostly because I knew the specs of an actual 3DS.
    Around that time, I had also found Dolphin. And I wanted to try this game I had hardly ever heard of my entire life. (Actually, I thought it was a Wii U game at first, and never even bothered to look into it. Then a long time later, I actually found out it was a gamecube game. So I tried Sunshine, and um... I mean, at least the cutscenes were fullspeed :D (...;-;)
    ... So that was when I decided to try and get a new laptop.
    Half a year later (or something like that), I had my new laptop. I didn't play SM64 for over a year after that. I started Mario Sunshine, and it worked perfectly! Cemu worked absolutely horrible (And it took me about 7 months to realize I just had to reinstall it. Good job me.) So I only really played emulated Gamecube and Wii games for awhile.
    But eventually Cemu did start working. And then I kind of only used that all the time. I didn't really start using dolphin again until a few weeks ago.
    Over time, I just kept having too many issues. So fixing them all, I started looking for their causes as well as their fixes. Naturally after that, I started getting a much better understanding of how emulators work. Now I can solve a majority of the issues myself. (But I'm still incompetent when it comes to emulating non-nintendo games)
    I feel as if I should start wrapping this up.
    In conclusion:
    1. If you get into emulation, be ready for the games to never run perfectly.
    And 2. SM64 controls way better than the DS port.
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