• i don't support abortion.
    • i don't support feminism
    • i don't support sjw
    • i don't support brown lives matter, group(i support *all* lives matter)
    • i don't support woke people -pff lol
    • i don't support drugs
    • i don't support alcohol use :s
    • i don't support vaping
    • i don't support marijuana
    • i strongly dislike lolicon/shotacon
    • i don't support antifa
    • i don't support the left at all
    • i don't believe in hate speech
    • i don't believe in rape culture (i know rape is real)
    • i don't like taco bell food because these fucking manipulative sons of hoe bags LIED TO ME --SAYING THEY GET THEY"RE MEAT SAFELY >:/!!
    • I don't believe that when you're 18 you're legal adult or whatever made up teenager age they got going on a different country, logically i go by facts and that is; age of 20 your an adult, because your dropping the teenage years behind.
    • I don't believe in male privilege
    • I don't believe in beige privilege at all
    • I don't support mgtow community at all, just like the feminist group. All two genders are valid. Stop with this bs sex competition shit. Its tiring as hell.
    • Donald duck quacks correctly on building a sponge wall :D ...lol, nah but uh yeah I don't really care for what he quacks only for tiny bits of what he says. If you wanna assume I support him, go right ahead, already assumed I was a darn monster for defending myself xD
    • I'm a misogynist apparently, because I don't fight the patriarchy just like my fellow sisters...-I cant this is a fact --that I don't go by those feminist terms or however you see it as. it's just funny to me >u<♡
    • I prefer ice cream over pudding --fight me >:☆!
    I hate it when i'm eating carmel popcorn and it gets stuck on my teeth :x. ......if i add the finale one, this blog will get hit. pfft lol i already get hit everywhere, including twitter lol.

    Edit; Since *some* people were clearly triggered by my facts that I go by as I might as well add the ones that will explode this blog possibly entirely? I dont know, this blog was originally just meant for something nice to share not this, but since people wanna be sensitive snowflakes, I might as well just do it.
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