• Going to be listing all of my consoles in a blog entry to later condense into a signature. No pictures cause I'm lazy.

    Sega Genesis

    Model 1 Genesis "High Definition Graphics" with no TMSS. Loaded with a knock off EverDrive MD.

    Sony PlayStation

    Early-ish model with all back ports and a mod chip.

    Nintendo 64 X2
    Basic black models. Daily driver loaded with an ED64Plus

    Sega Dreamcast X2
    Daily driver has a knock off GDEMU with 128GB SD card installed.

    Sony PlayStation 2

    Fat model with Free MCboot and 500GB HDD installed.

    Nintendo Gamecube X3
    1 Black later model with no digital port, 2 Silver both with digital ports, 1 silver has a matching GameBoy player attached.

    Microsoft Xbox X7
    My bread and butter console. Daily driver is a soft modded 1.6 with 300GB HDD installed. Got three other basic black consoles as well as 1 green, 1 crystal and 1 smoke black with a mod chip. All consoles have been modded, HDD keys nulled and clock caps removed.

    Sony Playstaion 3
    Daily Drive a soft modded late model fat with 500GB HDD. Have a launch 60GB Japanese fat that is modded as well as a early model slim that is also soft modded.

    Microsoft Xbox 360
    Gloss slim trinity model that has been RGH'd. 500GB HDD. Don't use it very much :\

    Nintendo Wii
    First model white Wii. It's a Wii...

    Nintendo Wii U X2
    One was an open box that has never been used. Daily driver is soft modded and has a 500GB external HDD and USB ethernet adapter attached. Both Wii U's are black 32GB models.

    Sony PlayStation TV
    Modded with a 128GB SD2Vita. Have a really nice DS4 with back button attachment to play it.

    Microsoft Xbox One
    500GB 1st model matte black. Has a 3TB external and 480GB SSD attached. As well as a USB Turtle Beach stream mic.

    Why not handhelds as well!

    Nintendo Gameboy Color
    Originally was a teal model swapped it for a Pokemon yellow bundle knock off case. Also have a yellow GB Boy Colour that has the EDGB in it at the moment that I won't add to this list as it is not an "official console".

    Nintendo Gameboy Advanced X2
    One basic clear purple that I use as a Gameboy player controller and second clear purple that I modded with a 101 screen, it is loaded with the EZ-Flash IV and a 32GB sd card.

    Nintendo DS(i) X3
    1 Silver fat DS that is beat up and only 1 speaker works, 1 black DS lite and a modded dark red DSi XL.

    PlayStation Portable
    1 2000 in black with a 32GB sd card adapter, 1X black 3000 with a stuck pixel on the bottom left and a purple 3000 with a broken UMD player.

    Nintendo 3DS(and 2DS)
    2DS has the super hard to find PDP trigger grip attached and the 3DS is a New 3DS XL with top IPS screen and Monster Hunter grip. both modded of course.

    Nintendo Switch
    Putting the Switch with the handhelds as that's what it is, Is a older grey joy-con model with 128GB sd card installed.

    Feel free to comment if you have any questions or want more details.


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