Ev1l0rd Sup GBATemp. How are things?

So, since school has finally begun I decided it might be worth to talk a little about my life since it's finally a bit on the interesting side.

So yes school. About that. I've begun my student years. Fresh out of high school, onto a study. I choose Software Engineering for HBO-ICT (HBO is higher level education but it's not university grade). So far it seems I've made the right choice. Classmates are friendly (quite a change from how it was in the past, I always had at least one person who either I despised or they despised me), classes feel like they actually have a point (important to me, a lot of classes in high school always gave the feeling of "...why? why would I need this?". I don't have that feeling wtih the study I chose).

Privately speaking, well... I haven't had much time to dedicate to my private life (school hours are from early in the morning to dinner) but I've mostly been playing Darkest Dungeon (great game, definitely worth picking up) in my free hours. I've also started watching an actual anime (which is better than before where the most anime thing I watched were the Pokey Man movies), Gurren Lagann, which I do quite like. Currently at Episode 8.

Anyway, weekend has gone by peacefully. Didn't really do much on Saturday except play Darkest Dungeon and later Terraria with my brother (he wanted to play something together and Terraria is the only game I know that doesn't result in either of us getting punished for fighting over stuff). Today was my grandfathers birthday (74!) so we went over there for lunch. Nice food, and it's always nice to have contact with family. If you don't have contact with your grandparents, and it isn't because of some infighting between you and them, make sure to try and stay in contact with them! Grandparents aren't forever and keeping a close bond with them is important.

Oh yeah, LOFAM 4 came out yesterday. Listened to the release stream as well yesterday. Good tracks. Even if you don't especially like Homestuck I would recommend listening to it. It's got some good stuff.

Anyway, solid week, 9/10 would relive again.
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