• Hi again puny mortalsfellow tempers! I'm on an emotional roller-coaster these recent days. I'm more on the happy side though.

    Anyway, without further ado, here's a quick "blog-it-before-it's-gone" summary of my last couple weeks/months or so.

    - My mother went back to work. It's a long story, but the tl;dr version is this:

    Around the end of June, my mother had, well, a minor stroke. Not that such things are ever minor. She's been on sick leave since then, just resting. I wasn't quite sure how to act or react, so in the end, I just settled on being there. It always works. Anyway, she's back on limited duty [or whatever he hell the term might be], feeling a whole lot better, but still taking medication [aka "some really expensive... stuff"].

    - My writing's been suffering quite a bit. It's getting better now, though.

    As can be seen from the top of my sig, I like to write. I was doing rather well [around 45k words on the "main" story, a combined 15k on two others] until I kind of hit a snag. Not writer's block, just something a bit more personal. I guess some of it was because my mother was sick, but it coincided a bit too much with my birthday, when I was kind of depressed.

    You see, for much of my 20 years on Earth, my focus was staying alive [another long story. for the tl;dr version, google up "tof" (without the quotes)]. Then, I don't know, maybe I got a bit too mature, and realized my life was "useless" [i.e. it had no focus/direction]. I was going nowhere [literally and figuratively]. Back when I graduated high school, I wanted to be a lawyer, until circumstances beyond my control fucked that plan up.

    Ironically, since then I decided I wanted to be a writer [possibly my only "talent" I can still use without inducing further harm on myself; you did google that term up, did you?]. I mean, a wannabe writer who is writing [and doing not too bad] then gets depressed because he's not doing anything with his life. I would have smacked myself upside the head.

    It's not too bad, though. I got through it after a while. Writing again with pretty much the same gusto as I did when I started, maybe more.

    - Football season's back, baby!!!

    No, not NFL. EPL, peeps. My general mood for the week is usually decided Saturday/Sunday evenings, when most of the fixtures are played. So I guess it's no surprise I'm in a cheery mood after 3 wins in as many matches [top of the table, too]. GGMU!!! International break sucks, though, since we don't get any coverage of those matches. At least I'll have UCL group matches to go on next week, aside from the usual EPL fare.

    - Eating well

    This really did coincide with my mother being sick. We were kind of lacking funds to buy food for a while. In fact, we went a week with the classic Filipino menu of eggs, "tuyo" [basically dried fish] and instant noodles [not to mention rice, the staple of Filipino cuisine; God forbid we eat without it, though I kind of dislike it]. Not that I'm complaining, I'm used to eating these food once in a while. I was more worried about my mother.

    Then again, that was then, this is now. As I type this, the fridge is full of odds and ends [we have a big container of apple/cranberry juice, I think, I've never drunk anything like it before], and I have a big plastic bag of, let's see... Junk food... Junk food... More junk food... And two tubes [cylinders???] of Pringles. Life is good.


    So, anyway, that' pretty much everything. And, as to that alternate title... Yes, this Shinigami is smiling.


    I also watched a lot of movies, prob gonna post up some more mini-reviews, since those seem to get a little attention, and I kind of enjoy the discussions that follow. Who knew?


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