• I'm bored, there's really nothing to do, and my head's going off-the-wall crazy, so...

    Anyone wanna help me figure out the answer to these queries???

    [1] If we turned Rebecca Black into an Avox, would she sound better?
    [2] Would astronauts be out of a job once the last shuttle mission is over? What are they supposed to do after?
    [3] Does anyone read this crap of a blog?

    Anyway, got back to movies again... This time I caught just about 2/3 of Salt. Not half bad. I was watching it, and my dad was watching it and providing commentary [who needs DVD extras? huh!]. I didn't get much of the story except that Angelina Jolie was kicking everyone else's asses. Again. And again. And again.

    Anyway, what I really loved about the movie was that for once in Hollywood action-thriller movie-making history, car+car or car+bullet did not equal a friggin' big explosion [at least not the parts I watched]. Wow, it really took them THAT long to figure that one out [mythbusters just laughs at them, I suppose]?

    Last thing. My mom had this weird idea to paint a section of our wall. That's right, just one section of it. I'll not pass judgment, but it's kind of weird. Well, whatevs...


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