• So I had this crazy idea yesterday, make a game about gbatemp :P
    I know it sounds really random, I don't even know what type of game it's actually going to be, I am rather good at game coding as I've been doing that for 4 years or something like that.
    Last thing I coded that was game-related was a maple story engine which I think was used in a game, I don't remember though it was two years ago :rolleyes:
    So this is something like practice :P
    The game is going to be for the Computer.

    I can't make the game on my own, I need someone to help me with the graphics.
    Also Noobs don't post "can I be in the game?"

    Beware had some wicked ideas:

    [10:41] <Noitora> Hello guys!
    [10:41] <AntiFritz> hi
    [10:42] <Beware> wish it was longer though
    [10:42] <Noitora> I had a weird idea yesterday...
    [10:43] <AntiFritz> what
    [10:43] <Beware> mmhmm
    [10:44] <Noitora> It'd be cool to make a game about GBAtemp, it would be totally random
    [10:44] <Noitora> I can code it but I need ideas :P
    [10:44] <AntiFritz> whould i be about gbatemp or 4chan though?
    [10:44] <AntiFritz> hmmm
    [10:45] <Beware> XD
    [10:45] <Beware> itd be about gbatemp NOT being 4chan
    [10:45] <Beware> XD
    [10:45] <Beware> but being 4chan due to its determination to NOT be like 4chan
    [10:46] <AntiFritz> lol
    [10:46] <Beware> and in the end, accepting its fate as 4chan
    [10:46] <Beware> GBATemp.chan
    [10:46] <AntiFritz> yes
    [10:46] <AntiFritz> it cant be anything but 4chan
    [10:46] <Beware> GBATemp would be the main character
    [10:46] <AntiFritz> even if you try it will end up being 4chan
    [10:46] <Noitora> :P lol
    [10:46] <Beware> and 4chan would be his "nemesis"
    [10:47] <Beware> but actually an ex-best friend or relative
    [10:47] <Beware> which would be a large twist about mid-way through the game
    [10:47] <Beware> which would lead GBATemp into a downward spiral as he feuds with his subconscious self
    [10:48] <AntiFritz> or 4chan whould be the alter ego
    [10:48] <Beware> and as his Id takes over his Ego and Super-Ego, he joins 4chan in its diabolical deeds
    [10:48] <Beware> that would work too AntiFritz
    [10:48] <Beware> this is genius!
    [10:48] <Beware> solid gold!
    [10:48] <Beware> do it!
    [10:48] <Beware> do it now, Noitora!
    [10:48] <Beware> NOW!
    [10:48] <AntiFritz> hmm wait
    [10:49] <AntiFritz> is it gbatemp or eof
    [10:49] <Noitora> D_D I need someone to help me with the graphics
    [10:49] <Beware> heh
    [10:49] <Beware> ask around 4chan
    [10:49] <Beware> thatd just be hilarious
    [10:50] <Beware> ooo
    [10:51] <Beware> you could have l 3 different endings
    [10:51] <Beware> where one of the three wins
    [10:51] <AntiFritz> hehe'\
    [10:51] <Beware> the Id would be 4chan
    [10:51] <Beware> Ego would be GBATemp.net
    [10:51] <Noitora> rofl
    [10:51] <Beware> and Super Ego would be...
    [10:51] <Noitora> Costello?
    [10:51] <Beware> i dunno, NDS-Scene?
    [10:51] <Beware> LULZ Noitora
    [10:52] <Noitora> or the gbatemp server
    [10:52] <Beware> maybe Urza?

    Current tempers in the game:
    6.Toni Plutonij
    15.Vulpes Abnocto
    +All teh mods and supervisors
    (If I forgot anyone tell me)
    That's all, post your ideas or whatever now :D


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