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  • Last night for dinner I had one of my favorite dishes, Yong Tau Foo. A hearty bowl of seafood soup with ingredients cut into bite-sized pieces and then blanched briefly in a savoury soup or deep fried; your choice. I chose the latter paired with mee pok (flat yellow noodles) with a side of sweet & savory sauce + chili sambal. Glorious:

    20210126_194600.jpg 20210126_194601.jpg
    $6.40 for everything, tofu skin, wanton, meat dumpling and seaweed are my choice ingredients along with generous add-on of bird's eye chilis on top to finish off the dish, lol, I like my food spicy.

    Food tastes even better in the company of a long-time friend/ex-colleague and we spent a better part of an hour reminiscing about old times when we were colleagues while chowing down our dinner. I'm currently job hunting while said friend is still working under the same old company.

    Oh, the friend had Chicken Curry Noodle $5.90 (no picture though) she kindly shared a portion on a separate plate for me to try, I didn't know there was a stall selling this delicacy and am impressed! Gravy was thick and flavourful with hint of spices, though surprisingly wasn't very hot, just full of umami, the winner here is actually the steamed chicken pieces... gotta love that silky smooth skin and tender meat, truly yums! I was tempted to order for takeaway but I already had my share of noodle soup dish so I brought home a pack of chicken rice.

    After filling up our tummies we scurried over for snacks (haha), unfortunately they ran out of all our favorite items, bummer! I opted for some sushi instead at $0.50 each, total $4.50.

    I had a good time and was feeling down about life in general with no initiative on my part to go out and clear my head, distract myself, have lunch/dinner, whatsoever, home is stuffy yet comfortable all at the same time. I am glad my friend initiated by dropping me a message and sometimes all it takes is just a simple "dinner, tonight at 7 PM?".

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