• This might be the cringiest thing I've ever written... please bear with me... here it goes.

    Around 2017, I retook drawing classes on a Cultural Center near my home... not so close and not so far. I could get there in a 10 minute bus road... or 40 minutes walking.
    I don't know why, but I have this tendency to make friends with people older than me. This has happened to me since I was like 13 or 14 years old.
    You could put me in a room with people my age and younger and we'll never get along unless something really special happens. It's just the way thigs are. I can't do much about it.

    There I met a woman. Probably mid-40's. I won't call her by her name, although I do remember her. But I will refeer to her as "E"
    So... E and I began to talk just like any other normal people in our situation. It happens that she and I liked to draw, and so we were just trying to learn new things.
    Then, the "MASTER" arrives to the "classroom" and he introduces himself.
    Fast forward 3 days, and the three of us would've been talking like if we've knew each other since forever. We'd make jokes and laugh at each other whilst sharing drawing tips and whatnot.
    E starts to talk to me about her divorce, and her children (that are older than me for like 10+ years) and that she spent most of her time alone.
    She and I understood each other because I'm a particularly lone person, so I kind of understood her feelings.

    The classes ends 3 weeks later because there just wasn't enough people to attend'em... and the only ones left "learning" was this woman, some random kid at the time and me.
    So... the three of us say our good byes, and wish good luck to each other. By the three of us I mean, the "MASTER", E, and me.
    This woman gives me her Facebook page. I thought... great! A new friend!

    She and I began to talk through Facebook, we just got along really well.
    I tell her that I have this urge to teach my drawing knowledge and that teaching drawing and painting has always been something I've been interested on.
    She tells me that she knows of a certain place where we can go together to take moar drawing classes. I accept to go with her to this new place that happens to be not so far from where we were going to.

    There, we met two workers that has to register each person that goes there to take classes for anything.
    They where teaching Chocolaterie, Cooking Classes, Swimming, Boxing, Carpentry, and whatnot. Alongside those classes, of course Drawing and Painting.
    I express my desires to teach instead of taking the classes, so I went to these workers and I told them so.
    They asks me for a portfolio... and just so happens that I had paintings and drawings scanned on my cellphone. I show them, and they tell me: "Good, please leave your name and your number and we'll call you when we need you"

    I was really happy about it. They liked my stuff.
    So... as It would be my first time teaching, I tell the woman I was with that I needed to practice first. So I told her:

    - Would you let me to teach you?
    She replies:
    - Why, of course I'd like you to teach me.

    And then, it was getting late and we had to go to our home. And so we agreed to arrange a meeting through Facebook.
    At the time I was really excited with my brand new hacked 3DS and I lost track of the time playing many ilegally obtained Nintendo 3DS Games.

    And when I wasn't playing I was drawing and practicing Inkscape and GIMP. So I kind of forgot about her.
    On day she replies to one of my Facebook posts about how I was taking care of a snail that glued himself on my window... and that I accidentally squashed one morning when I opened my window.
    I was mourning his death, and apparently all my facebook friends (real friends from school) thought that I was joking. Anyways, that's another story from another day.

    I honestly forgot that I had her on my Facebook. So we began to talk once more.
    She starts to ask me what have I been doing ever since. And I tell her that I retook school and that I've been busy.
    She brings the whole meeting each other stuff again, which of course I forgot about.

    She insists to come over my apartment so we can be together (I teaching her, and she helping me to learn to teach)
    I... kind of felt really weird about the situation. And this is real: I was exchanging bedrooms with my sisters (she didn't let me sleep) and so... I kind of left the conversation with E there.
    I politely told her that maybe sometime later, when I get my bedroom all accomodated and whatnot. That once I get all thing ready I'd send her a message and that we'd agreed on one day to get together to do the stuff. In the meantime we were talking through Facebook about the things we were doing and about our lives.
    These chats began to take an... unwanted route for me.
    One night, she wrote me that she had a fight with her ex-husband. And I tried to make her smile through my messages. I told her that how come a pretty girl like her could be crying for an asshole, and I also told her that once we met, I'd cook a cake for her, just to make her smile.

    I feel that she misunderstood my words about the whole being-together thing... and she started to send me stickers with hearts and stuff. And she expressed her desires to be with me in my bedroom.
    Like... literally told me that she couldn't wait for us to get together in my bed. She never expressed a reason to do so though... :unsure:
    Like... literally word by word: I can't wait to be with you in your bed.

    I felt that our chat was getting a little bit deviated. I was speechless and I was making bad ideas about that statement. So I politely said goodnight to her, and that we'd speak some time later. She agreed.
    From that night onwards, each morning she'd write me just to say hi and sometimes we would carry on the conversation.

    At that time, I was very interested in leaning GODOT, so I had little time to talk to her. So much, in fact, that I once again forgot about her for some time.
    Fast forward even more time later, she stoped sending me messages, and she stopped replying mine.
    Worried about her situation, asked her what was going on.
    She said: You told me we would met in your home one day. I just can't stand man that can't make up their mind.

    AAAAAAAND THAT WAS IT. The end of our friendship. She never replied to me not even once.

    Not gonna lie...I would've done anything to make her smile. But I'm not that kind of guy.
    This is yet another way to lose a friend.

    QUESTION: Why did you brought that up right now?
    ANSWER: Because she just appeared as a Person who I might know in Facebook and I kind of felt the need to let this go out of my system.


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