• I just want to inform 'ya guys that I never owned a home console. Yes, I never owned a nintendo, or a playstation, or a xbox.
    It begins with the fact that my parents are not very intelligent. When I was 6, my brother had a playstation. I always wanted to play, but my hands were way too small. I did play with his PS2 a bit when I got older, but then it broke and of course he threw it away instead of trying to make it work again. My parents at that time promised me a thousand times that they will get me a home console, but they didn't till this day.

    When I was 7 they said:
    "You are too young to play these games"

    When I was 10 they said: "You are too old for these games"
    I literally wtf'd whe they said so.

    Its not like my family is poor or something, we are upper-middle class.
    My parents bought my brother multiple macbooks (because he needs to keep up-to-date) and he has an iPhone 4 with 64gb's.
    He did give me his old 32gb model for free, which was kinda cool..
    Other than that, they never bought me a console, and my gameboys and DSi where given to me by my kind grandparents.
    I still can play games on my PC, but it sucks. It has only 2gb's of RAM, I need to optimize a lot of shit in order to play minecraft without lag.
    Oh, and my ping is 300ms, so no online for me. I do play TF2 sometimes, but only for about 3 minutes until my bandwidth goes crazy and turns off my connection..

    So, thats my rant.

    Can you guys tell me, am I a gamer, or not?
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