RedoLane As the title implies, I am officially a new driver! :) passed the license test on my 2nd try.
That is actually a really big deal, because there are a lot of things which i'm able to do now due to holding a driver's license.
And to make it more exciting, because i'm over 24 years old, i am not required to drive with an experienced adult for the next 6 months. i can pretty much drive alone now!
Obviously I still need to pick up the license itself, and pay a sum of money in the mail office, but other than that, i'm pretty much done with the training wheels!

My plans are pretty simple: drive around my country and enjoy the peace that exists outside the cities. maybe put some music on background, and alone.
As for whenever i'm gonna rent a car? hmm, maybe in a year or so. i don't really have anywhere to go, but i should consider that when i'll be accepted to a job in another city.
BUT i'll definitely rent one before i leave my parents' house.

So yeah, pretty happy right now!


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