• I had thought I had done pretty decently as a person this year until about a month ago when I realized I'm a self righteous jerk but whatever. This isn't about a pity party. This is about becoming a better person this year and being a blessing to everyone I meet. Will I be perfect? Nah, but I sure will try. I'm finally seventeen, a dancing Queen.

    Big shoutouts to gbatemp. Especially the people in the Switch hacking forums. You guys have done some crazy stuff (looking at you @XorTroll and @cpasjuste). And this is a generally fun place to hang out in my downtime.

    Also all the reporters have been doing excellent jobs. I wont ping everyone because I doubt they want to be bothered, but I know Chary and Scarlet have been writing some stellar stuff. Also shoutouts to Garyopa for the Sxos coverage.

    The rest of the staff rocks too. You guys are always patient with members and keep things running smoothly. I haven't seen an annoying popup ad in weeks.

    tl:dr it's my birthday, ppl on this site are cul. Thanks
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