• It has been quite a while!

    2020, what a year! Coronavirus, quarantines... who would believe all of this would happen so suddently.
    However, the good point is that these events made more free time than enough, so it's on that point that I present you in this post what is done and being done, related to the different projects I'm running. And of course, I hope you, and all your relatives are doing well and didn't got affected by this evil virus!

    - Modtendo! does its come back!

    Modtendo!, the Wii application I created back in 2018 that allowed to download homebrews and Riivolution mods directly on your Wii (http://kuribo64.net/board/thread.php?id=3517), is back in development!

    Logo of modtendo!*black

    It will get 2 new versions, the first being the classic modtendo! fixed to work with the new server hostname, and the latter a totally new edition named "modtendo!*black" but planned since a while now. It will feature WiiWare games as a replacement of the discontinued Wii Shop Channel, in countries that allows downloading owned game backups (cough cough). Unfortunately, the possibility of adding full Wii ISO games isn't possible, as it would take ages to download just one game due to the integrated network capabilities limits.

    Testing modtendo! in its earlier versions, with the homebrew store features

    - Gen7 Pride Theme, and 3D Gamejam Participation

    Soon, Gen7 Engine will provide a Pride theme! Well of course, the default one will always be available and... default, but it's still something.

    And concerning the 3D new rendering engine, it's almost near release-ready. It passed succesfully the first experimentation tests (that you can find on this link: https://gbatemp.net/threads/gen7-2-...-new-features-free.561756/page-2#post-9041527), and I have used it to create a fully 3D game for the PSP "Awakening" gamejam that was truly a great experience.
    You can find the submission download link there for PPSSPP: https://idstudio.itch.io/life-adventure (don't mind the name lmao), and a small gallery:

    "Life Adventure" first interactive cutscene, fully in 3D with animated elements and transparent
    materials thanks to special buffering

    Playing the game on PPSSPP Android: Escape the Asteroids scene. Small graphics glitch on the ship due to memory handing.

    Behind the scenes : Gen7 can directly import scenes from Blender 2.8

    A very specific feature allowed to import Movie Textures, for example in case of changing text on a 3D Panel.

    That was indeed a creepy bug. Hopefully fixed.

    - New conference for next year PSP Homebrew Developer Conference

    At last PSPHDC (PSP Homebrew Developer Conference), I have presented some 3D-related development and optimisations basics, which was pretty a success despite my dying voice (I was sick at the time) and conditions that didn't helped greatly (it was 3am and I had to manage a stream mirror as the Discord channels were full, so I am planning to present it again in a better state).
    So I am preparing for the next year conference with a new presentation that currently includes Gen7 3D milestones that got achieved, the goals and the challenges that I have encountered through the development, and maybe more.

    For the records, the PSPHDC 2020 achieved over than 300 concurrent viewers by adding all the channel mirrors, on a 6 hour long-run where I was part of its management and stream broadcasting (it was pretty demanding to keep track and stay awake for all that time!), but it was really great.

    One of the YouTube's mirrors analytics on the conference

    As you see, it's something to be made again!

    - The end!

    Here's a small random image I took from my archive, to finish on a good note.
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