blujay Hello everybody! After debating for a long time whether or not to buy another 3DS, the N3DS XL Metroid Special edition finally forced me to buy a new one. Now I am patiently awaiting its arrival, and in the meantime I have renamed my old N3DS.

So, this one is named Rundas (if you get the reference you are an elitist).

I don't feel that pictures are necessary, but here you go:

I did this because of a few reasons:
  1. @Lilith Valentine did this and they are one of my role models on the temp.
  2. I have a new one coming so why not
  3. If I can't develop good homebrew, I want to help those that can.
So although my reputation may not be great, I hereby declare this a debug unit for CFW, homebrew, and much more.

Don't worry, I have a 2DS that will be fixed up and go by "Gandrayda" once NTRBootHax comes out.

EDIT: Yeah yeah, the picture is shitty and cheasy, but it's the thought that counts, right?


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