• I've never been fantastic at holding onto money. There's just so many nice things in the world, and hoarding money just ends up eating away at me. I could have this nice thing... It's within reach... So why not just reach out and grab it? Well I have once again succumbed to temptation, this time in the form of Prime Day discounts. I bought two whole things, and while it might not sound too bad, it somewhat is. The first wasn't too bad, a 200 GB micro SD card for my Switch. My 64 GB card had done well, but in the face of my library, it just wasn't enough. £40. That's reasonable right? Sure.

    This 200 GB isn't going to last me long...

    Now we move onto the real problem. You see, I like reading. I don't really read much but I do enjoy what I read. My flatmate had just the week prior alerted me to the lush form factor and design of the Kindle Oasis, Amazon's lean mean reading machine. I'm sure you can see where this is going. My mind screamed no, but my heart—my damn heart—it screamed "£50 off though!" And, being the hearty soul I am, I caved. £180 forever lost to the great corporate void that is Amazon. On the bright side, I started reading light novels. I'm about half way through the first volume of How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom and gosh darn I am enjoying it. I get light novels aren't exactly literately challenging, but I do enjoy the shifting perspectives in the way it's written, and the plot is keeping me amused. I'd recommend it from what I've read so far. The Kindle itself is pretty dang great too, I've never had a backlit eReader before so that's been a huge hit with me, and being able to comfortably hold it in one hand is a bonus.


    Anyway, that's basically it. I can't keep hold of money, woe me. Anybody else got any interesting impulse buys to share? Any impulse regrets? We've all been there.
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