• I never put much thought into that fact that... I’m kind of a strange cat :rofl2:
    Maybe it’s my personality... situation- I’m always random. Each minute of every day I’ll give a different response to the exact same question without having to think or put effort-
    I’m a cat. Around 2 feet tall. Biological male, transgender female. Deep voice- wish it wasn’t deep
    Tall- wish I was short
    Tired- wish caffeine didn’t make me more tired but it does

    I’m a very good strategist.
    But my methods of doing some things can be... unorthodox
    For example
    I’m a supporter of the LGBT community-
    And if you know me, you know I have a large resentment towards almost all of my family. And I want nothing more than to forget my past and start life over with a certain someone by my side.
    And very recently
    I came up with a new way to fight a certain family member.
    They’re clearly not straight- but they pretend they are because they were raised as a Christian.
    They don’t know I’m a part of the big gae community at all.
    So I had the brilliant idea to say things that indirectly/discreetly suggested that they are not straight. Then to be homophobic towards them.
    Sure that’s a terrible thing to do- but...

    Moving on-
    My personality
    Is unique
    Always changing
    And I have just a lil teeny weeny split personality thing as well
    Which can be funny sometimes I guess-
    Earlier today I was talking to someone about some stuff
    (Spoilers: You’re never getting the context)
    And then I just... started talking to myself. Referring to myself on both sides of my conversation as two different people.
    Apparently it’s amusing to others sometimes. So... enjoy?
    (Lilith=moi Cutie=also moi, each paragraph is me switching to the other me)
    F3324744-7C24-4B6C-BE12-B19F85622D9C.jpeg 2EE6245B-B99C-4DC2-B682-9EC12417668B.jpeg

    I hope it isn’t too obvious on GBAtemp- looking at my posts over time, I think I’m just looking very bipolar at most. I do prefer it that way-

    More stuff
    •I have a lazy eyelid
    •I never ever grab the bottom plate/bowl from a stack- and I prefer the middle-most one.
    •I have pet dogs

    I’ve been trying to figure this out for a long time-
    I look at all my fictional character crushes... and I try to find out if I have a type looks-wise.
    I mean
    Look at all of these
    What the heck do any of them have in common?
    7C10F12C-0710-49E0-BDE5-98FBC83DAF9C.png A462DB63-0262-4C50-8672-6BB2E545CEF6.jpeg A9C3EE39-0790-4B35-9739-5E0334E4EF98.jpeg 420C70CA-41EC-449F-90D2-362E3189F1A5.png FD10010E-191B-477B-B5AC-D2B334C50EFE.jpeg BA7DF66A-61C2-4707-B6CA-A2926C1F8CBA.jpeg 524CAE8C-D419-4EB7-B837-FE528A892A56.png
    (Charlie, not Husker)
    I’ve never been able to figure it out

    Ah well
    What else
    •I go to a Webforum called GBAtemp-
    •I met a Lilith Valentine there who scares me with our similarities. I probably annoy them from saying that so much x3
    •I spend hours trying to persuade people to get into VR, but I didn’t remember until today that I was supposed to be doing that news megathread but I ain’t bumping that.
    •I’m a furry
    •I crave entertaining people and making others happy- like- fuck performing for myself. I’d never do that. But the reactions I get out of people who are cheered up after I perform for them- it’s... one of my favorite feelings ever.
    •I watched Omni played RE8 Village- specifically when he was dealing with Lady Dimitrescu. The reason I got into the series was literally because of the gameplay I saw- the big vampire lady just scared me. Big turnoff. Y’all are weird.
    •I speedrun- but I feel the need to constantly come up with my own routes instead of following the ones the communities found to be the fastest- only to much later end up learning those official routes.
    •I think about suicide even when there’s not a single trace of negativity in my mind in that given moment. When I’m not sad, it’s more of a “Hey this could be fun- why not” and that’s really bad
    •I collect rubber duckies
    •I watch anime 80% for the plot, 20 for the “plot”

    What is y’all’s opinions on me?
    I guess I should say “quirky” instead of weird... but I don’t wanna go back and change all those
    Also more people will open a blog called “I’m weird” compared to a blog a furry made titled “I’m quirky”

    I guess this was just one of those late-night one-offs. That being said, I’m going to sleep now
    Love you children <3


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