• As seen in these pictures, I have modernized and cleaned up all the Chinglish text that slides off the sides of the message boxes mid-word, something that has always annoyed the crap out of me. But I'm not finished yet.

    I need help with the error messages. I haven't come across any, so if anyone can post the EZPDA error messages in pictures or screenshots, I'll gladly fix them and release the modified EZPDA kernel. I'm just using HxD hex editor for this, making it very easy for me.

    So feel free to post any error message screenshots, picture links you find, any videos with error messages, etc so I can see the spacing in the message box and fix them.

    Thanks in Gameboy Advance!

    20210228_223140.jpg 20210228_223145.jpg 20210228_223151.jpg 20210228_223157.jpg 20210228_223200.jpg 20210228_223203.jpg 20210228_223211.jpg 20210228_223223.jpg 20210228_223228.jpg 20210228_223235.jpg 20210228_223244.jpg 20210228_223336.jpg 20210228_223342.jpg 20210228_223403.jpg 20210228_223503.jpg 20210228_223515.jpg


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