Eix im back!
i wanted to come back acouple months ago but i had college and abunch of other stuff get in the way
but i only have 6 days left of college so i have way less stuff keeping me busy
if anyone is planning on doing online college, please dont choose accelerated/second session classes, they are hell and i ended up watching 24 hours of documentaries in just 2 days afew times
i may not be too active until the 6th but im gonna be much more active than i have been

i got a new cat while i was gone, shes a little black (probably schizophrenic) kitten and the only one in the litter that didnt freeze to death since her mother didnt care about the kittens and just left them alone under a house
she loves my bed and since she finally learned to jump and climb its impossible to keep her off things
shes tiny and the size of a banana, but she bites everything and chases me around so shes an aggressive banana

i got a switch too recently and ive been enjoying it alot, if you want to add me my code is SW-8406-0248-2220
and i was wondering what, besides emulators, homebrew on the switch could be good for
the switch is already region free
you can link multiple nnids to it to have multiple save files in games like pokémon sword/shield
and nintendo plans to enable the usb3 port in the dock and allow recording videos with the IR camera in the future
so why hack it?

and finally i decided that im tired of looking like the wrong gender
most of my town thinks im a girl or trans so ive started working out and i cut my hair (i regret cutting it)
ive been exercising like im a soldier or something and its been kinda helping
im alot healthier now and less people see me as a girl
before doing this i was "the hottest girl in town" and people kept coming up to me and my sister asking if i was single, i hated it and im glad its stopped
i was also undiagnosed with autism earlier this year so i guess im normal, or atleast kinda normal
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