LittleFlame WOWOWOWOW haven't been on since July so what the hell have I been doing since, welll

Finished my job, I finally quit after school started again and of course I finally managed to get that PC that I was building up to for so long, remember 50 days of blogs? Yeah that failed :P

So I've been playing a lot of games on pc and my poor 3DS is literally abandoned in a dusty corner somewhere while I play on PC and sit on Discord, speaking of
I left the gbatemp discord ages ago but actually left for realsies about a month ago when I was like *oh shit I'm still in there, I should probablyyyyy*

Started going to a new school, finally a focused education which is really dope, made a lot of friends in the first 2 weeks in school and I'm actually really enjoying my time and classes this time which is a major step up over highschool, so now I can clearly say it really DOES get better.

I improved my art over the past month!

Not a lotta people know but I actually really love drawing, (check @Lia ) but I'm really trash at it so I didn't do it a lot untill last month when I decided to suck it up and say "I'm never gonna improve if I don't practice" and I'm not at a level that I'm comfortable with sharing yet but I definately will in the future once I've got a clear style for myself that I'm sastisfied with.

Then moving on on the front of drawing I've been getting pretty decent at osu! too for once, swithed off of being a peasant mouse player and using my tablet now and it's dope af after some practice, jumps are so much easier!

wait, Osu!.. music.. I went to see my favourite band 3 weeks back and it was easily the best live performance that I've seen and I even got a pick from Tom Linton!
I logged in for no reason at all tbh, I logged in out of sheer boredom but I'll probably stick around for a little

See y'all in the next long winded blog post! o/


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