Futurdreamz It helps that me an my sisters are doing a gift exchange. I got my brother-in-law, and he said the only thing he wants is a dry-erase notebook that he can use for work. It only costs $20 while the budget is $50-$75, so I'm making a care package with a switchblade-style bottle opener, two foam dart guns, cooling beer mug, and a couple fun shirts. I still have to pick up the second shirt from hmv or somewhere, and the notebook is still in the mail. After that I got my step dad Sim City 4 with the dlc, my mom a perfume sampler kit, my step sister her request for a tiny bottle of perfume that costs as much as the sampler kit, stepbrother a Steam gift card, dad gets cookies, I'll be getting a NES classic from Santa, and everyone is getting something extra special from my dealer.


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