• Well that's it folks, I decided. After applying so many jobs in the past one month, and I only passed one for an interview (after an SQL test), I decided that I should conserve my money by going back to my parent's house next month if I couldn't get any job confirmation until the second half of September. I calculated that when it comes to the worst, I could use my lifetime saving to survive for 30 months, but if I live with my parents, I could survive for 42 months. All that money goes into a mortgage which is being leased for a tenant at the moment. One of the biggest decision of my life. I didn't want to buy that property but my parents forced me to pay that apartment since they happened to win a "door prize" of a mercedes benz, and they swapped it with cash money so they could have pay reduction for that apartment. The value has increased on paper, but it really ties me down. I feel losing a freedom ever since.

    Anyway, the job hunting is still going. The only relief that I could find at the moment is when I feel I learn something from online courses I am currently taking.


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