AdenTheThird Hey guys,

So, I decided to go to this Smash 4 tournament near my area, and competed because oh, why not, it's good practice. It was a small tournament, but I lost my first match (to a Kirby spammer!!) and felt super discouraged. If I were to lose again, I'd be out. I became angry, and instead channeled that energy into my hands, only focused at the TV screen in front of me, until I looked around and all the other TVs had been turned off except mine. Gulp. I won twelve straight 1v1 matches in a row, and faced off then against the reigning champion, a Shulk main with a tendency to counter spam. I destroyed him, and walked away, not really believing what I'd just done, with a $50 GameStop gift card in my hands. I am now officially the best Greninja main in my town. Compete against me if you dare.

-AdenTheThird :yay:
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