VzUh I misplaced the mouse and closed the wrong tab. The one in wich I was writing the blog entry. I'm so dumb lol

Anyway, quickly: I'll be out for a days, maybe a month. Dont know where to be honest, but meh, it will be fun. I hope.

So guide me, temp: what should I do with my plants? I'm not sure I have anyone to water them while I'm out, so they're going to die :(

Should I get them inside my room and hope for they to not die? Should I lost any hope to not grieve when I return? Should I put them on a backpack with a window and carry a huge water bottle? Maybe call a random phone number and say "I'll pay you if you water my plants"? (wait no Im poor the last is not an option)

Enlighten me, gbatemp: What are my options?


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