• omg guys i think i am pretty much a genius now man like this is some insane shit right now omg just look below this thingy that you are reading right now:

    okay so you know how 69 works right the little tails are the vagina or penis or whatever i usually see them as cocks but anyways fuck okay so you see the letter "e" right? okay now look at the number "9". okay now turn the "9" around and now you pretty much have a big "e" right, but a big lowercase obviously. okay so now, all you need to do is look at the "e" and see that the dome part of the "e" is the head and the tail is the... you guessed it. the penis. a fucking "e" is a guy trying to suck his own dick.

    what the cinnamon kentucky on a butt cheek limp dick shit is this guys you can thank me later.
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