Noctosphere Before anyone says "XD" or "lol" or something like that
I must say "It's not a joke blog"

Actually, for several weeks, I had difficulties to pee
When I felt the need, I just couldnt pee at all
I had to wait for me to REALLY REALLY REALLY need it to make it come out of my weewee
I had this trouble for weeks
After I moved back to mom's, I told her, asking what could cause this
She told me "Go see the pharmacist"
So I went there, he checked my files on his computer
He said "Nope, I don't see any of the medecine you take that could cause that"
he added "You should see a doctor"
So I told that to mom, and, with fearness, I asked : "Do you think... he'll do a.... rectal touch?"
(Idk if it's the right expression in english, so tell me please if I need to correct it)
And, sadly, she said yes...

And suddenly, I pee freely
No need to REALLY REALLY REALLY need it
I pee freely

It seems my fear of a rectal touch was more powerful than whatever restricted my weewee
so yea...
on second though, you can say lol, lol :P


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