• Like the title says...I need a check list for batterycheck's progress preparing for preview v0.4, meaning I will be editing this post a lot! But at the same time it's public so whoever is interested can keep an eye on things :wink:

    A while ago I had posted a list of features and improvements on my blog that I will be repeating some of that here:
    • Parallax backgrounds
    • battery holders activating machines with animation
    • moving elevators
    • running conveyor belts accelerating the player
    • "doors" and stampers must be solid
    • Water should inflict damage and keep you floating for a while
    • When dying in water the correct animation should run
    • Background music on Wii and GameCube
    • Intro and menu system
    • Pause option
    • Green drops should go all the way to the floor and inflict damage
    • Moving enemies with minimal AI
    • monitors with end boss and moving eyes
    And the following bug fixes:
    • Pickups should only be collected ONCE!
    • Sticky walls and 1px shaking
    • Better movement and animation of the player
    Parallax backgrounds:
    I have them partially working but not really that well. Especially on the PS2 they are hurting the framerate so for now it's disabled since it's not that important :wink:

    The battery pickups had a bug that when you collect them they were not actually removed correctly from the map! This resulted in one battery adding between 1-20 batteries to your counter when it should have been just one! I have rewritten a large portion of the event map stuff and even wrote about it here explaining what I did. While the code is not perfect yet at least it functions more like it should! ;)

    Green drops:
    While maybe the least important it's also one of the more simple things to implement I hope! What needs to be done is check how far the drop can go and then stop when it is there. At the same time a collision check with the player needs to be done to see if damage needs to be inflicted. There should also be an animation and sound effect when that happens.....but let's start with reaching the floor first.:D

    Doors and stampers:
    This should be quite easy to do since a similar thing is also done for the floats, elevators and belts to stand on. Since they won't move yet anyway I can just make them appear to be a wall for now....maybe ;)

    I am also considering adding in a Rumble feature on the platforms that have controllers that support it. Not sure how or when yet but it could be like this:
    • Jumping and landing (small bump)
    • Walking into a wall (bigger rumble)
    • Standing on moving elevator (light rumble)
    • Running on the active conveyor belts (higher rumble)
    • Taking damage (high rumble)
    The rumble is a new idea though which is why I have not put it up in the list yet....but as this is my "todo list" kind of....why not share the idea right? ^_^

    These features are mostly going to benefit all current platforms, except the background music on wii and gamecube ofcourse. As I have mentioned before there is no fixed release date for preview v0.4 but it's definitely going to be near the end of November this year! I am not sure if all the changes in the list above will make it in but I sure hope they will! And if possible v0.4 will also be the first one for the PS2 and PSP.....possibly even the DSi too.:D
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