I Need a Break

defunct32 By defunct32, Mar 8, 2021 7 9

  • Right now to make ends meet and to supplement my gaming hobby I am taking up two part-time jobs... both are in a call centre environment, one is dealing with food delivery and the other falls under technical support like essential appliances at home such as your washer, cooktop, oven, etc.

    Sometimes I get these kind of questions:

    Customer A: "Hi, how many pieces of nuggets are there in your 20 pieces box?"

    Me: Twenty?

    Customer A: "Twenty?... Do you not understand my question? How many pieces are there?"

    Me: "Yes, I do? 20 pieces has literally 20 pieces of chicken nuggets in a box unless there are missing pieces inside you can reach out to us and we'll re-deliver them even if you're missing one piece out of your TWENTY PIECES NUGGETS.

    Customer A: ".......oh.. thank you"

    Customer B: "Do me a favor bud, please deliver an ice-cream cone to me, I'll pay ya?!"

    Me: I'm sorry, we don't deliver cones on a motorbike, that's only for drive-thru takeout/dining in. May I suggest you go with the chocolate or strawberry sundae IN A CUP WITH A LID COVER?

    Customer B: "It can't be that HARD to deliver an ice-cream cone?"

    Me: "????"

    I've had it up to here with the sheer amount of ridiculous inquiries! I'm burned out, I slogged every day, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat & Sun am doing food delivery while on Mon & Tue am doing technical support for home appliances which pays more but they only need me for Mon and Tue only so I can't rely on them.

    Sigh... my only relief is after my shift end every day where I'll crawl into bed at night w/ my 3DS in hand playing Bravely Second trying to finish this off while waiting for Bravely Default II to arrive in the mailbox. Not exactly happy but it is what it is. Better to earn your own keep than to leech off someone.


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