Uiaad So rewind a couple of weeks and I introduced my wife to Ori and the blind forest. - big mistake -

First of all she started off by buying her own Xbox one controller for her laptop because sometimes we would end wanting to play games at the same time which is fair enough. Then i'm made the mistake of buying her an Ori keyring which is now on her backpack which she uses for work. But this is where things start to get a little out of control ... literally this week she has bought :

An ori and Naru plush : £60
Ori and the blind forest DE Physical PC : £28
Ori and the blind forest DE Physical Xbox one: £24
Xbox One S : £200

This is in a week lol Oh well it game me the excuse of finally putting away my Wii U which hasn't been used for about a year or so, I think the last time I turned it on was for Breath of the Wild.

As for my health at the moment well I'm not really in as much pain and have cut the painkillers by about half but still can't do long stints at a computer. Anything longer that 15 - 20 minutes and i need to rest again so that pretty much explains my abcense of late but So I Hear You Like Free Games will be back sooner or later :D
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