Sono Idk I never make this kind of blogs (I think), I just felt like doing a random blog because idk lol.

I seem to have been spamming "I have never [insert activity here] on this laptop before" since almost two days, which made me think why I have never done such things before. Just to name a few:
- "I have never heard [insert black midi file name] on this laptop before because I wasn't able to load it"
- "I have never heard this laptop sound this good before"
- "I have never seen Windows 7 have support for emojis, even though this laptop doesn't have all Win7 updates installed"
- "I have never thought that this Celeron could handle black midis this well".
As you can see, it amazes me how an underpowered fanless dual-core Celeron lappy can surprise me. Makes me wonder...

Also, the air where the school is is so bad that my entire nose and throat got "corroded" on friday; so badly that I got a fever. I didn't know beer can make the fever almost completely go away :O It also made my pain a bit less worse.

Oh also, fuck OEM Realtek drivers, stock Realtek drivers are where it's at! The only tricky part is killing the service which gets installed before rebooting to apply the driver properly, otherwise it'll uninstall itself on next reboot. As I said, "I have never heard this laptop sound this good before" :P

...dat bass tho'


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