BORTZ So remember last year how I said I was going to update the OP if this post? Well here it is. The reason I havent done anything till now is because my life kinda went sideways a year ago today. I don't want to get into specifics but things are better now. Much better. Anyways. I was going to sit you all down and tell you the rather un-interesting story of how I came to be here.

So first things first. 1. If you want to read my embarrassing first post ever, be my guest:
2. So my first forray into anything "illegal" with games was when I was in 9th grade. A friend of mine gave me a disk with most of the roms from the NES. My best friend would come over and we would play random games all night. Later I would get a DS phat with my earnings from my first summer job. I the next summer I got a new job and eventually ran into a kid there who had a Datel Max Media Dock. This thing was the holy grail as far as I was concerned. This was around 2005~6 when those little 128mb mp3 players were showing up. I wanted something better. I knew I could do better than getting a dinky mp3 player (actually I had one at the time, but anyways) but not going as far as buying a newfangled iPod. And there it was. A media player for the DS. What could be more perfect. So i started hunting. I would need an obscure "compact flash" card which even for mid 2000s was already outdated. But a hunting I went. Eventually I got the model without the build in harddrive and used my own CF card. It was kinda cool, all bolted on to my DS phat. It worked ok. The video was alright but it only played from the beginning. If you tried to jump around at all, you started the video over again. Eventually I traded it in for a new single cart solution, the Datel Games 'n' Music. I got closer to perfection with this iteration, but still not perfect. The music and games worked a little bit better but very shortly after getting it, my DS stopped recognizing the actual cart. To this day I have not figured that one out. I returned the product and got another one. Still nothing. Eventually I got rid of it but kept looking.

And that is more or less how I ended up here. I did some Googling for a DS media device and found some post pointing me towards the R4. I had to have one. I bought one and had it shipped to the house and my parents wrapped it for my Christmas gift. It was amazing. I spent the whole Christmas break figuring out how to use Moonshell and putting all my music on it. It worked better than my bother's iPod for the time. And for the foreseeable future. But I kept coming back here. And the rest was history.

I know this wasn't really worth waiting a year to read but there it is. I love you guys.


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