Silent_Gunner ...Like, come on, I get sick this Tuesday, my throat has been dry as fuck until yesterday, yet this cough has to stick around like an asshole dog wanting a treat that I am forced to give him/her until it goes to find some other unfortunate victim's body to attack. Making the situation better is that I am in the Midwest, and Sub-Zero really doesn't like being stuck to his traditional 3-month period from December of one year to January and February of the next. No, he wants in on the Halloween action, because he knows Netherrealm Studios is never gonna have him on the front cover, so this his rebellion against the company, which so happens to be stationed an hour and a half away from where I live.

Then again, who can blame Ed Boon? He probably prefers Scorpion because he has the money to pay for some Scorpion heater that makes his work room warmer than Chicago Deep Dish Pizza!

What the fuck was I writing about again?

Oh, yeah, getting a cold because of Midwest weather at this time of year. At this point, if you're stuck here for the next few months and plan to move out of the house after this next Winter middle finger season passes by, just wear whatever keeps you as warm as possible. Because congested coughs are the fucking worst parts of this cold shit.

Fucking ass.
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