• I’m seriously
    Struggling to decide

    For once in my life, I went and got a pile of money that I’m forcing myself to spend entirely on leisure stuff instead of putting it into savings because I’m cheap
    Teenagers usually piss money away right? I was never good at that


    I’ve been considering
    •A GBA

    •A GameCube

    •Starting on a PC (but this is a really bad time to start so I kindaa eh)

    •Fullbody VR tracking. A new kit is coming out by a third party company for $120

    •A PS4- but any of the ones within budget look... more than questionable

    •A Wii U

    I just
    I don’t know
    I suck at choosing
    Should I even spend? I mean I was making myself do this-
    But still
    Indecisiveness B-)

    Any opinions from the public?


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