• Before leaving, i often read the reviews, so i decided to catch up on what i missed, one review was about an EDD, i did not have much interest or use for the product, but it made me realize something: i had an EDD i'm not currently using, and one of the uses for the EDD mentioned in the review was "storing games not played as often" i kinda did this already, having my heavier games on my boot SSD, and games i dont play often, games that load reasonably fast from an HDD and games that simply dont fit in my SSD, in my HDD, but now i realized, i have a whole terabyte (its 931 gb after formatting, but its close) to store games in, my internet plan lacks a datacap, however, due to this, the speed isnt great, 120 mbps, with the best i get often being 60 mbps in some sites and steam peaking at 18 (but often it peaks at 15), thus, redownloading isnt really feasable to do within any reasonable ammount of time, this makes me have to choose if i want to spend hours waiting for stuff like gta 5 to redownload, or have it ocupying space. But not anymore, as of right now, i'm downloading every non-multiplayer focused game within my library that i dont play often, into my EDD, the EDD might not be as fast as if it was an SSD, but it certainly is faster than my internet.
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