'i am sorry'

Agjsdfd By Agjsdfd, Mar 29, 2011 4 0

  • Well as the title says. I said 'sorry' to 'someone'.
    The apology was directed to something I thought was my fault/mistake.

    Here is sort of the reply in short:

    'you will not get any sympathy from me like before because of your illness. You are a sociopath! Someone needs to bitch slap you. Email me so I can bitch some more'

    I am not hiding anything.

    Well to avoid any confusion, that's my ex.. I heard something 'personal' I can't share here, and I just said a simple sorry because of that.

    Ya ya, I keep on writing about my ex. Sorry guys.

    But talk about someone being arrogant and bitchy :).

    Ps. She refered to my brain tumour.


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