eriol33 Ever since I got my new job last year as a data analyst (mostly social media data), I have been learning about data manipulation rapidly. I had a very rough handover with the previous analyst she did a very inefficient spreadsheet management and creating a data silo (copy>paste>flat table, ugh). Only after 4 months I finally learned power query and finally could make the process semi automated, and it is very easy to manage my data since then.

However, as I read job vacancies, I saw that most of data analyst (And data science) jobs require you to have a knowledge on R/Python and SQL. I recently bought an R course on udemy and hoping at some point I could use it exclusively to manipulate my data instead of using excel. But heck, however cool R is, there are just some things that are faster in excel, say renaming columns. I can just open a file, press F2, and rename the column that I want to rename. In R, my I must write a bunch of code, copy paste the original column name, rise and repeat, and hope I don't forget anything. I guess it's kinda true that, R should be used for something repetitive and excel can be used for quick one-time data manipulation. I am hoping in the next 3 months I can use R to replace all my excel's data manipulation need, and will use excel minimally, while learning SQL.

After that? I probably will learn python too. I am not really sure what's the point of learning R and Python, but since it seems the requirements of data-related jobs, I guess it doesn't hurt to learn it. I actually want to learn tableu as well, unfortunately it's expensive, so I stick with power BI for now.

any resources you may want to share?


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