DeadlyFoez I know, this doesn't sound like much. Yeah, whooppdy do. A monitor.

But not, this is not your average computer monitor. This is the HUGE LG 43UD79-B 43" monster 4k computer monitor.
[​IMG] (Not my pic)
Just look at the sheer size of this unit. It is exactly as if four 1080p monitors were glued together, and the backend software is what makes this monitor the best.

I know, most people want 4k for great detail in their games. I want 4k and the ability to view many different sources at once. This monitor does that.
With a four HDMI ports, a DisplayPort, and a USB-C that can also do video, this monitor has essentially six inputs. This monitor can display up to four of the inputs at the same time, locating each input into it's own quadrant.
The monitor can be set up to arrange it's inputs in any of the above layouts.
So, that alone is really cool, and the level of productivity that you can get out of it is great, but it is the next level of features that really kicks this up a notch even higher that most reviewers did not mention

So, as above, through the monitor itself, you can arrange the input to display in any layout that you want, well, the pc side software does the same exact thing, but separately. So, the monitor will handle the inputs and where to arrange them, but the software can also make virtual 'monitors' as well. These virtual monitors trick your computer into thinking that the computer screen is many multiple monitors so you can snap different windows into different places. The Virtual monitors can use any of the above layouts, and they are re-sizable as well so you can greatly customize your layout.

For instance...
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You can arrange the inputs and windows in almost endless ways, especially when you get creative in how you utilize your different inputs. As I show about, the monitor itself will arrange a 3 input setup having the top two quadrants each being separate inputs displaying in a 1080p sized area, and then the bottom half of the screen is all for the the PC over the displayport cable. The pc side software then tricks Windows into thinking that it is hooked up to 3 different monitors.

The client side software works on Windows and Mac, not sure about linux yet.

So my monitor will be ready for me to pick up on Friday the 17th.
What I plan to use this monitor for is tech work mostly, but also now that I kind of want to start tooling around with youtubing some stuff, this will help me greatly.

I will probably do a video review on this monitor once I get it in and played around with it a bit.

Thank you for checking this out.


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