Adam Gaming The Tutorial Is OUTDATED Now NTR is fixed !
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  • Is NTR Not Working with you ?

    Well I have the solution !

    Check your Luma Version If its 10.0.0+ That means you can continue reading this tutorial !

    Why is NTR Not working on luma 10.0.0+ ?:
    Every Luma version Breaks NTR So Nanquitas has always to do an update to fix it but Nanquitas quitted 3ds Hacking dev So that means no more NTR Updates.

    Can you begin Please ? im bored.
    wElL iDiOt If U dIdInT wAnT tO rEaD... iDk JuSt DoNt ReAd !111!!

    Second :
    If your luma version is 10.0.0+ You have to downgrade luma

    How ? :

    Well You cant directly downgrade from your 3ds But Here welcome to the tutorial !

    Third :
    But Your 3DS SD In your computer And then Download the Scroll down And you will see it .It will be a zip file So unzip it and you will see the boot.firm

    Fourth :
    And then drag the boot.firm in your Directly in your SD

    Do i replace it or no ?:
    Yes,Just Replace it

    Fifth :
    Put the SD In your 3ds And then when you will turn it on you will see the luma menu and then Activate : Show NAND User string in Setting (sorry for my bad English)
    And then Press start

    And Voila ! NTR Is Now working !

    Tutorial By me (Adam Gaming)

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