jimmyj hacking my new 2ds xl was not easy,like really. What should have been a couple of hours to hack it took 20 fricking days. So here is how it happened
I already had a hacked old 3ds and decided to do the dsiware transfer but my internet had to be a bitch and made the transfer fail BUT transfered my nnid but no dsiware. I was so fucking mad,a few days later i understood that i needed to call nintendo but couldn't because i'm not 18. The next day I thought about emailing them and they answered saying they transfered the nnid but they didn't. I sent several mails to nintendo to no avail because they didn't even answer to them. So I ordered a flash cart for ntrboot. But unfortunately I am a person that REALLY CAN'T WAIT so I emailed italian nintendo customer support about "me loosing my new 2ds xl and would love to have all my purchased titles on my old one( i legit one bought 2 things in 3 years of having the account)". And wont you know it i got the nnid transfered in 4 days so I did dsiware transfer and installed b9s. A few days ago i got my flash cart and i thought "welp atleast I can play ds games". So what did i learn from this? E-MAIL ITALIAN NINTENDO SUPPORT OR DON'T BE AN IMPATIENT FUCK


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